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A Bank Holiday bonanza for you this week. Well, more of the same really but why not dress it up a bit to get you even more excited?! If it wasn’t free I would charge you extra.

Hopefully (if you live in the UK) you will have Monday off and get a bit more time to enjoy some of what’s included below.

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The OC is 15 years old which has prompted a wave of nostalgia writing including this excellent piece in defence of the much reviled Marissa Cooper by Alim Kheraj for i-D.

Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey is thinking about forcing “alternative viewpoints” upon us to break up “echo chambers” on the site. Bad idea. John Paul Brammer explains why we should be worried for them..

80 million people watched a rom-com on Netflix in the last year and with its self-proclaimed Summer Of Love the platform is giving the people what they want. Rachel Aroesti stops to ask ‘but are they any good?’ for The Guardian.

I shamelessly love fast food and for a long time have derived a great deal of pleasure from trying to recreate my favourite meals at home. This list from Drew Magary at GQ is a detailed rundown of the creations worth attempting in your own kitchen.

I’m a bit of a home cinema geek and with my partner have recently started a project to upgrade our setup. 4K? HDR? Dolby Vision? It has all been a bit baffling – thankfully @BigJohnnyArcher has all the answers – including this Dolby Vision explainer for What Hi-Fi?

Homotopia, the LGBT+ arts and culture festival, returns to Liverpool in November. This year’s theme is “I Will Survive” – more information, line up and tickets at and @homotopiafest on Twitter.


How to Survive the End of the World (When it’s in Your Own Head): An Anxiety Survival Guide by Aaron Gillies

One of the most useful things when coping with anxiety is knowing that someone else understands you. Aaron Gillies book did just that for me during a recent episode of brain fuckery. Providing the insight, abundance of laughs and opportunity for some self-reflection I needed.

There are a lot of books about mental health out there, Aaron’s is truly very helpful.


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How to Start Your Own Podcast (and Get a Million People to Listen)
How to Start Your Own Podcast (and Get a Million People to Listen)
Even if — especially if — you’re starting from zero.

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Bollywood: The World's Biggest Film Industry (BBC iPlayer)
Bollywood: The World’s Biggest Film Industry (BBC iPlayer)

Anita Rani is a joy to watch in this fascinating look at India’s film industry. I was left amazed and inspired by what a deeply rooted and powerful force cinema is in the country.

Alex Strangelove (Netflix)
Alex Strangelove (Netflix)

Released in June as part of the Summer of Love rom-com onslaught mentioned above, Alex Strangelove is an enjoyable and semi-refreshing teen comedy despite shying away from some of the discourse around sexuality central to its own plot.


The best of this week’s new releases (slim pickings):

Disclosure - Funky Sensation (feat. Gwen McCrae)
Disclosure – Funky Sensation (feat. Gwen McCrae)


Poppy - Time Is Up
Poppy – Time Is


Nick Jonas vs Robin Schulz - Right Now
Nick Jonas vs Robin Schulz – Right


LANY - I Don't Wanna Love You Anymore
LANY – I Don’t Wanna Love You


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